Accommodation for retired horses and ponies

At La Corona Horse Residence we offer large natural spaces (from 50,000 to 300,000 m2) with pastures, woods, shrubland and watering holes, bordered with electric fencing around the perimeter, for retired horses and ponies.

So far we are thoroughly enjoying the experience. The vast majority of horses and ponies have no trouble integrating in the numerous herds that live on the same premises.

Different herds live side by side in the same space, in perfect harmony. In turn, in each herd the horses interact with each other in a calm and active way, which gives rise to a great number of relationships, situations and experiences that have a positive impact on the mental state and mood of the horses and ponies.

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Accommodation for horses during periods of rest or recuperation

In addition to the land dedicated to accommodating retired horses and ponies, at La Corona Horse Residence we offer a wide range of spaces for horses and ponies that require rest after periods of intense physical activity, or for any other reason.

These horses and ponies can also be integrated in the herds living at La Corona Horse Residence, which are mainly made up of retired horses.

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Accommodation for growing foals

At La Corona Horse Residence, we also provide accommodation for foals to live among adult herds. The fully-grown horses in our herds can have a very positive influence on the education of foals during their first years of growth.

The foals staying in our equine residence are growing up exceptionally well. The large spaces on our premises allow them to move around freely, running and playing without any space restrictions. Their bodies can develop fully, and their character is modelled by learning from their fully-grown companions.

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Spaces for coaching, equine therapy activities and other horse-assisted therapies

Do you offer assisted activities with horses? At La Corona Horse Residence we offer a number of spaces so that professionals like you can carry out activities such as coaching, equine therapy, and so on.

We offer different rates for herd activities or for other activities that require smaller groups of horses. The rates include the horses themselves, as well as preparing the grounds, insurance for teachers and students, and more.

The horses that we use for activities with small groups are preferably rescued by one of the organisations that we support or those of our CSR. In this way, the proceeds from the horses’ activity goes directly to their maintenance and care.

We also offer reduced rates for certified non-profit associations in the fields of animal protection, the environment, childhood protection and helping people at risk of exclusion.

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