Highly trusted professionals

At La Corona Horse Residence, we are open to any professional who wants to work with us. Therefore, if the owner of the horse/pony wants to use his or her own favourite professionals, rather than our own team, they will be totally welcome at La Corona Horse Residence and will be able to continue serving their client here whenever they like.

Even so, we offer our clients the opportunity to delegate all the necessary treatments at the hands of La Corona Equine Residence. In this case, if the client does not indicate otherwise, we turn to trusted professionals to ensure the well-being of your horse. They work in very diverse areas and are perfect connoisseurs of horses and their needs. All of them are experts in their area and have long experience. Together we make a great team!

Other professionals

The other experts who carry out specialist tasks when they visit our horse accommodation centre. They are all excellent professionals who we fully trust.

Together with Eguisof, our collaborating veterinary center, these are the professionals we turn to. However, if the owner of the horse lets us know that he or she prefers another trusted professional, we will contact them for any issue related to your horse.

ERIK RENOBELL / MATILDE DUCH, Equine dentistry services

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ALBERT FLORES / ALBERTO SARRIA, Equine podiatry services

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EVA CANO GALAN / GUDULA BIRWE, Specialised support and advice on handling and dressage

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EGUISOF / MEDIQUUS, Veterinary services

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La Corona Horse Residence works together with a number of companies and associations. They are aimed at protecting horses and sharing knowledge about equines and the ecosystems they live in in a number of ways.