At La Corona Horse Residence we look after a large number of horses, ponies and foals who enjoy a peaceful life living in freedom. We are part of their daily lives, and they are part of ours. They are always being taken care of by us, and by our expert team of professionals who provide support in each of their areas of expertise.


Your horse gives you so much joy that you want to find a way to thank it for everything. And you, as the owner, deserve the peace of mind of knowing that your horse is in the best hands..

We know that you are very busy, and that you want your horse to live well without having to worry about anything. Just enjoy spending time with your horse whenever you want.

You need the peace of mind of knowing that your horse is well cared for at all times. In other words, that someone is loving, pampering and taking care of your horse just as you would.

We are Paul and Sonsoles, and are part of a small but fantastic team of people who love their work, with the wonderful task of giving your horse the full and happy life it deserves. And giving you the peace of mind you need.

If you are looking for somewhere for your horse to be happy and well looked after, you have come to the right place. At La Corona Horse Residence we guarantee that your hose will live in an "equine paradise", and that we will always take care of him or her.

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Our home is a home for your horse.

La Corona Horse Residence is on a 170 hectare plot of land, in the middle of the countryside. We live right here, in the old country house on La Corona premises. We are horse lovers, they are part of our life and we are part of theirs. And we are very happy to live that way!

A family that knows about horses.

We are sure you want to know more about our background. We are agricultural and forestry engineers, animal lovers, and experts in nature, forest management and farming activities, and we want the best for the horses that live alongside us. On the other hand, several of our family members used to be well-known figures in the equestrian world for many years, while others are currently following their footsteps. All of this led to La Corona being turned into a horse residence. After 10 years, in which more than 200 horses have passed through La Corona Horse Residence, with whom we have shared our lives, taking care of their desires, healing their ailments, supporting their emotional stability, sharing their joys and observing the relationships between them, we can say that we know these wonderful animals very well and that we know what they need to lead a full and happy life.

Free and happy horses.

Some owners might worry about their horse "going back" to a life in freedom, in case it does not adapt well to its new environment, in our experience, all the horses at La Corona Horse Residence have turned out well.. Our mission is to ensure their physical and mental well-being, their proper recovery (in accommodation for resting) and a happy and stable life (or growth, in the case of foals).

Always accompanied and cared for.

We check up on the horses daily, to make sure we are aware of their physical and mental state. We get to know the horses to such an extent that they become more than horses to us. We know them as individuals with their own personalities, and their own desires. Each week we clean and groom the horses, ponies and foals, brushing and inspecting their manes and tails (to make sure there are no ticks and other parasites), cleaning their hooves, etc. You can rest assured that their well-being and health are our priority.

Living in freedom, as part of a herd and having fun.

The horses that live in La Corona Horse Residence move freely and in herds, in extensive plots of land bordered with electric fences and including horse pastures, forests, shrubland, footpaths and water troughs with water. Most importantly, we guarantee that they will never get bored. The horses are rotated through different plots of land as the pasture runs out. In times of poor crop growth, they are provided with forage, which is produced mainly by us in the fields on the premises at La Corona. The extensive spaces and the periodic change of land gives horses, ponies and foals a great range of environments where they can act freely, making their own decisions and enjoying the company of other horses.

Professional treatments without any additional costs.

Many of our clients tell us that they see us as a "comprehensive" solution to their needs. At La Corona Horse Residence we ensure the welfare of your horse and guarantee we will monitor all their care and any additional treatments. We want you to be able to relax and to feel calm leaving everything in our hands. We take care of all the necessary treatments (vaccinations, deworming, podiatry and dentistry) and sporadic or additional treatments (physiotherapy, osteopathy, specific nutrition, follow-ups veterinarians, etc.) without adding any extra costs to the price of the treatment or product.

Homemade food.

As you know, good nutrition is very important for a horse. It is an issue that we are very much aware of, because at La Corona Horse Residence we check the food quality of everything the horses eat. On our farm we produce most of the fodder that horses, ponies and foals eat in winter. We plant ourselves the pastures that the horses use to feed in spring, summer and autumn, and we make a careful selection of all food suppliers and food supplements.

All our pastures are cultivated using integrated ecological farming methods, and are excellent in terms of offering high-quality nutritional content. In the same way, we supervise the herbaceous crops that the horses will end up eating as they grow, with permanent checks on the results.

Come and spend time with your horse whenever you want.

Relax, you can come whenever you like. Focus on enjoying your horse. You can come visit your horse whenever you want, enjoying his company and walking through the beautiful natural environment surrounding the premises. Just spending time with your horse, without thinking about anything else. La Corona is easily accessible and is located in the Moianès region (formerly known as Vallès Oriental), 40 km from Barcelona. We are close to the main transport infrastructures and there is a bus service in the nearby town, which means you can come spend time with your horse whenever you want.

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Our horses enjoy the conditions, space and good care they receive at La Corona Horse Residence. A fantastic “Paddock Paradise, that is managed wonderfully by Paul and Sonsoles.


I know many places in Germany that offer services like La Corona Horse Residence, but I have never seen a place like it, where horses can run free 365 days a year through meadows and forests, as part of a large herd.


We call it the “Horse Paradise! The change in Chamaco was immediate. Our horse is living a second life. We could not be more grateful to have found La Corona Horse Residence.


Grand arrived at La Corona with anaemia and suffering from depression.
Paul and Sonsoles have gone out of their way help him recover and enjoy the space, the grass, the freedom, the herd and love from the whole team. Thank you!


Paul and Sonsoles, owners of this paradise, have created an extraordinary living space. It is here, at La Corona Horse Residence, that a horse is given the opportunity to live that it needs.


It is a paradise for horses, they are happy and we are too, as we know that they are happy. We are delighted that our horse Kanban is at La Corona. Paul, Sonsoles and their team are fantastic professionals and good people.